First Laborpont opens in Szervita Square Building

Szervita Square Building will house the first Laborpont medical outpatient care and laboratory diagnostics center in Budapest from October 2021 on the premium property’s ground floor area.

The healthcare provider will offer 1,000 different types of pain-free, non-prescription blood tests to the general public (adults and children alike) in a variety of highly customizable packages, based on specific individual needs. As highlighted in their mission statement, Laborpont sampling services are offered in a stress-free and comfortable yet highly professional environment, applying cutting edge healthcare technology and working with highly experienced medical staff. The first benchmark center launched in Szervita Square Building will be followed by many more, at other easily accessible urban locations of the Hungarian capital.

Kitti Kecskés managing director of Laborpont pointed out: “Thanks to its architectural excellence and downtown location Szervita Square Building is the best choice for us to start our professional healthcare mission in Hungary. The October opening of the first Laborpont diagnostics center on the street level of Szervita Square Building is our initial step on the longer road to create a large network of future Laborpont centers.”

Kata Mazsaroff leasing director at Horizon Development added: “Szervita Square Building’s ideal city center location certainly served as a great foundation for our collaboration with Laborpont. Furthermore, our companies both represent a forward-thinking business model, which helped us find a common ground during the leasing transaction. We look forward to welcoming Laborpont in our building, hoping to add to their experience-based, caring retail service with our centrally located, high-quality property. Laborpont greatly contributes to our already diverse mix of retail tenants who represent the food, fashion, healthcare and wellness industries.”

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