Horizon Development’s primary activity is the development management of commercial projects. We provide professional services for all aspects and milestones of the development life-cycle from market/project cost/risk/time analysis and ROI (Return on Investment) calculations to permitting,
due diligence and divestment. Our experienced team brings all skills and competencies to the table, confirmed by prestigious local and international references to guarantee the success of all new endeavors.

Our  dedicated and experienced LM team engages with all leasing, marketing and PR tasks of our own developments, as well as six prestigious office buildings in the Hungarian portfolio of Munich-based real estate fund manager group GLL Real Estate Partners (Roosevelt 7/8, Park Atrium, Népliget Center, BSR Center, RiverLoft, BC22).

Our customer-focused and service-minded Property Management team is a guarantee for high quality PM services within our own developments, as well as in other assets entrusted to Horizon Development.