Attila Kovács, MRICS
Attila Kovács received his Master of Science degree in Architecture at the Technical University of Budapest in 1994. His substantial theoretical knowledge was later complemented with hands-on international experience gained in the USA, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom. During his first 12 years in the professional arena he served as lead architect, project manager and managing director of DVM design Ltd. In 2006 he became managing partner of DVM group, a progressive company delivering the most comprehensive range of integrated building services in Hungary, Horizon Development acting as its development arm. As an acknowledgement of his contribution to the enhancement of real estate development and the field of architecture in Hungary, Attila Kovács received the Office Market Professional of the Year People’s Choice Award in 2011 and the CIJ Leadership Award in 2016.

Balázs Czár
Balázs Czár earned his civil engineering degree from the Technical University of Budapest in 1996, and already gained professional experience at various major Hungarian companies during his academic years. He started his career as a technical surveyor of gas station installations, and later managed large-scale construction projects of KÉSZ Ltd. In 2000 he served as technical and planning coordinator of power plants completed in the United States of America, and liaised between KÉSZ Ltd. and the Dutch NEM group. Currently he serves as managing partner at DVM group, and – together with Attila Kovács – directs Horizon Development’s development activities on a strategic and operational level.